Help Vega Baja closes Torrevieja office


It was a sad day for the HELP Vega Baja last week as it closed the doors of its Torrevieja Office for the very last time. The charity has now moved its main operating base to San Miguel de Salinas Calle at C/Lope de Vega 46, from which it continues to provide its services and operate its very successful charity shop every weekday until 1.30 pm.

It was a particularly sad day for the many wonderful volunteers who have worked at the Torrevieja outlet for many years although as the charity spokesperson said “we are thinking of the positives such as all those people that we have helped, all the wonderful volunteers that we have had as part of our charity and not least of all, those ladies who set up HELP Vega Baja all those years ago.”

But unable to sit on its laurels the charity say that they now move forward to a new chapter, the challenges ahead, and of course the many exciting times.

Despite moving from the office, HELP Vega Baja continues to be 100% committed to Torrevieja and the whole of Vega Baja and, of course, ALL other areas of the charity remain unchanged.



  • Membership

    For over 35 years HELP Vega Baja has worked hard to support those people who have chosen to live or visit Spain.

    In recognition of those who continue to support the association in this work, the committee has developed a number of benefits specifically for its members and becoming a member or renewing an existing membership could not be simpler! The cost of an annual membership is just €10.

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  • Donating to Help Vega Baja

    HELP Vega Baja continues to support those in need through donations received, charity sales and holding events and activities. If you wish to hold an event in support of HELP, please contact the San Miguel Centre.

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  • Why not become a Volunteer

    The main areas where Volunteers are used are as follows;

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  • Help Line

    The volunteers who man our 24 hour Help Line line respond to a variety of calls. Please note, this service is for non medical emergencies only.

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