Information Sheets

01        Non Contributory Pensions in Spain

02        Dealing with Excessive Noise

03        Free Bus Pass Using Urban Transport in Torrevieja

04        Being Admitted into Hospital in Spain

05        Procedures to Follow if a Death Occurs in Spain

06        Legal Advisors in Spain

07        N.I.E. Numbers


09        Driving in Spain 

10        Obtaining a Health Card (S.I.P.)

11        Healthcare for Non-Residents - Global Heath Insurance Card

12        Ambulances in Spain


14        Burglaries

15        Making a Complaint to the Spanish Ombudsman

16        Driving in Spain - Legal and Safe Driving Tips

17        Personal Wishes and Contacts in the Event of My Death

18        Applying for a Disabled Parking Badge

19        Donation of Body to Science

20        Repatriation or Resuming Permanent Residence in the UK

21        Obtaining Oxygen in Spain

22        Empadronamiento

23        Long Term Palliative Care

24        Traffic Accidents         



27        Renal Dialysis

28        Attendance Allowance

29        Ley de Dependencia    The Dependency Law

30        Power of Attorney

31        TIE  Mobile fingerprint unit

32        S1 Form for Pensioners to Access Spanish Health System


34        Non Lucrative Visa route to Residencia 

35        Renewal of a residency NVL

36        Change of address in Spain

37        Torrevieja Hospital   Patient Care

38        Are you prepared for an Emergency info

39        Which Spanish benefits am I entitled to

40        Which benefits are available for UK nationals in Spain